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ADL Steering Board
The Association´s human team ADL is represented and lead by:
The Steering Board
 It is the body responsible for oveerseeing and representing the association. It is constituted by: managers, executives, logistics consultants, academics and professionals from different sectors, which represent the business network of the Valencia Region.


Mr. Pablo Boix Ruiz 
(Rumbo Sistemas, S.L.)
Secretary General Mr. Alberto Moreno (Europac, S.A.)
Treasurer Mr. Salvador A. Pastor Morant (F@cilmente Consultoría)
Mr. Joaquín Cabedo (Tau Cerámica, S.A.)
Mr. Josep Francesc Casas i Chulvi (Ame Material Eléctrico, S.A.)
Mr. Javier Ciganda (Galerías Sanitarias, S.A.)
Mr. Ramón Rodríguez (Doctor in Engineering)

Mr. Ignacio Monserrat (Industrias Ochoa, S.L.)
Mr. José Luis Nuño (Redel- Grupo Fominter)
Mr. Javier Montoro (Place)
Mr. Vicente Marín (Mecalux Levante, S.A.)